Airmec Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) and Fume Cupboard Testing & Inspection Services

Legislation places a requirement on employers to maintain safe, healthy working environments and to minimise risks to workers and the public. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides detailed guidance on the duty of care facility and estates operators to comply with their legal responsibilities and to provide a safe, healthy environment. HSE Approved Code of Practice ACOP L24 is a legally binding requirement for individuals and organisations responsible for health and safety in buildings.

An LEV is an engineering control system used to reduce exposure to airborne contaminants such as dust, mist, fumes and vapour. Their design, use and maintenance are covered by the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations.  HSE guidelines HSG 258 Controlling airborne contaminants at work provide detailed guidance on the operation of LEV’s and specify that thorough LEV testing should be carried out by a competent person at least every 14 months. More frequent testing required for activities involving blasting, jute cloth, hand sanding/polishing and casting of non-ferrous metals.

Airmec offer a comprehensive range of LEV and Fume Cupboard testing, inspection and maintenance services, which include:

  • LEV System Surveys and Asset registers
  • LEV and Fume Cupboards Inspection and Testing
  • System maintenance, upgrade and refurbishment
  • Supply of spare parts and consumables

Airmec Surveyors all hold the British Occupational Hygiene Society P601 or higher qualifications, as recognised by the HSE, and have a range of security and DBS clearances to enable work in Healthcare premises, schools and high security establishments.

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