Airmec Water Treatment Services

Water treatment of closed heating and cooling systems is essential for cost effective plant operation. Untreated water systems may lead to microbiological fouling, corrosion and scale, which will result in:

  • Energy wastage
  • Poor system performance
  • Damage to plant and components.
  • Expensive maintenance and repair costs

Fact – a 1mm layer of carbonate scale build up on a heat exchanger can reduce heat transfer by up to 10%.

Hardness and softness in water present very different problems: hard water can lead to scaling, soft water can be corrosive. Solving one problem can cause another.  Understanding your water chemistry and implementing the appropriate treatment plan right is critical to ensuring safe and efficient operation of your systems and equipment.

Airmec have extensive experience of providing water treatment services for a wide range of applications including:

  • Cooling towers
  • Steam boilers
  • Hot and Cold water distribution systems
  • Heating and Chiller closed loop systems

Airmec’s comprehensive range of water treatment services include:

  • System surveys
  • Water sampling and analysis
  • Tailored treatment programmes
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Supply of bespoke chemical treatments
  • Consultancy and support programmes
  • System Dynamic Flushing
  • Pipework Pre Commission Cleaning
  • System and component chemical descaling
  • Water treatment equipment monitoring and maintenance

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