Leisure & Hospitality

Leisure & Hospitality

Key Challenges:

  • Minimising disruption for customers
  • Access times and out of hours requirements
  • Special requirements of pools & spas
  • Complexity of infrastructure

Regulatory environment:

  • HSE
  • Approved Codes of Practice (ACOPs)
  • HSG Documents
  • British Standards
  • Industry Codes of Practice
  • Water Safety Plans

Recent Airmec projects:

  • Kitchen extract monitoring and cleaning for national Sports Facility Group
  • Chlorine Dioxide dosing equipment installation and maintenance for London Hotel
  • Swimming Pool Operation audit for Military Base
  • Legionella Risk Assessment for London Hotel
  • Microbiological water sampling for Local Authority swimming pool

Key risk areas:

  • Critical healthcare facilities
  • Laboratories and workshops
  • Kitchens
  • Air Handling Units and Ventilation Ductwork
  • Fire Dampers

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