Swimming Pool Treatment & Plant Management Review

Airmec Essential ServicesDid you know that PWTAG recommend Pool Management should review their water safety plan, swimming pool water treatment system and the pool hall ventilation, heating and electrical system (SPTO) at least annually?

The PWTAG Code of Practice provides pool operators with a structured plan for the technical operation of their pool. This comprehensive guidance document includes material published by the Health and Safety Executive, Health Protection Agency and Public Health Wales.

Reviewing the pool management system is a key part of ensuring your pool is compliant – Airmec’s Swimming Pool Treatment & Plant Management Review can help ensure you are up to speed with the latest PWTAG guidelines and help with improvements to your pool environment.

PWTAG Code of Practice:

  • Input to the review: Assessing opportunities for improvement and the need for changes to the swimming pool water treatment system
  • Outputs from the review: Actions related to improvement of the effectiveness of the swimming pool water treatment system and its processes

Airmec Provides:

A review report detailing an evaluation of the Pool Safety Operational Procedures (PSOP) and the Swimming Pool Technical Operation (SPTO) which will include:

  • Review of measuring monitoring procedures and auditing associated log books
  • Ascertaining training awareness and competencies
  • Review of all associated records and documentation for preventive and corrective actions
  • Review of operation procedures
  • Review of planned maintenance
  • Review of emergency procedures and response to incidents

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