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Ventilation hygiene and air quality

Airmec Essential Services : Ventilation hygiene and air quality

The cleanliness and quality of the air running through a building’s ventilation ducts has a major impact on the productivity of staff, operational costs, and on managing fire risk. Regular duct cleaning is key to maintaining system hygiene and safety, and we offer specialist expertise in scoping and undertaking that work for you.

We are members of the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) and are approved Ventilation Hygiene Register (VHR) contractors, giving you assurance of compliance and cleaning to TR19® Air and TR19 Grease® standards.

Pre-planned maintenance and duct cleaning regimes should be in place to ensure safe and effective operation of ventilation systems. This should include inspection on a regular basis. The frequency of ventilation duct inspection is tyically determined by the system’s location and function.

Specific industry guidelines govern what cleaning and maintenance must be undertaken to comply with air hygiene guidance, and we can advise accordingly.

Airmec Essential Services provides consultancy, inspection and ventilation hygiene maintenance services, including comprehensive ventilation system condition surveys and subsequent duct cleaning. We can advise on all ventilation systems and air quality requirements.

Post cleaning, we issue detailed reports detailing the ventilation systems cleaned and the results that have been achieved. The report will also outline recommendations on improvements to the maintenance regime, depending on the requirements for your sector.

Airmec will align its recommendations and reports with with your SFG20 schedules.

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Our services

Ventilation system hygiene surveys and risk assessments

Ventilation duct cleaning

AHU maintenance

Kitchen extract grease monitoring and cleaning

LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) examination and testing

Occupational hygiene assessments

IAQ – Indoor Air Quality monitoring and assessments

Ventilation system remedial works

  • The starting point for any air hygiene work is a survey and risk assessment of the ventilation system or a building’s indoor environment. For most facilities, air hygiene surveys are required every 2 years (reference BS EN 15780:2011 Ventilation for buildings – Ductwork – Cleanliness of ventilation systems).

    One of our experienced ventilation system surveyors will undertake a survey and risk assessment of the various ductwork systems and air handling units within your building. Following a thorough inspection, we will provide a condition report with recommendations for an appropriate maintenance regime, plus any associated remedial actions required. Your report can be used as part of an audit to demonstrate that a programme of inspection, and necessary cleaning of the ventilation system has taken place.

    Some facilities with more demanding requirements for air cleanliness, including healthcare buildings, require air hygiene surveys every 12 months. We have significant experience of surveying and inspecting healthcare ventilation systems in accordance with the requirements of Health Technical Memorandum 03-01 – Specialised ventilation for healthcare premises.

  • We are experts in duct cleaning.

    We will inspect and risk assess your system and advise on the scope and frequency for a ventilation clean, and then send our trained specilists to clean and decontaminate your system.

    As part of our service, we can clean all accessible ventilation ductwork and components from the fresh air intake through to the AHU, supply and extract ductwork, including internal grilles plus any fan units. Following the work, we will provide a comprehensive post-clean report showing before and after photographs which detail the work carried out, and outline any additional remedial work needed.

    We are members of the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA) and are approved Ventilation Hygiene Register (VHR) contractors, giving you assurance of compliance and cleaning to TR19® Air and TR19 Grease® standards.


  • Regular planned maintenance of your air handling unit is important to maintain its efficiency and ensure the ductwork remains clean and free from any debris that may become trapped within the system.

    We have extensive experience cleaning air handling units and associated ductwork. As part of our service, we will clean all surfaces of the unit ensuring all debris and dust are removed and check the status of all components including filters and fan belts. If required, we can take contact slides to analyse the interior surfaces of the systems for fungal and bacterial activity.

    All maintenance work is captured in a post-clean report with before and after photographs, along with recommendations for any remedial work necessary such as replacing filters and fan belts.

  • Commercial kitchen grease extract systems must be regularly inspected and cleaned to remove grease and control the fire risk associated with its accumulation. The usage of the kitchen and grease deposit thickness readings will determine how frequently the extraction ventilation and ducting need cleaning. Grease readings should be taken at regular intervals based on system usage and historical grease reading information to ensure the cleans are undertaken as required.

    As members of BESA (Building Engineering Services Association) and approved Vent Hygiene Register (VHR) contractors, we follow grease-specific BESA duct cleaning guidance TR19® for all our kitchen extract inspections and cleans.

    As part of our kitchen extract cleaning service, we will clean and decontaminate the entire kitchen extract system, including any associated ductwork, filters, and fan units. Any inaccessible areas will be highlighted in our report, which will include recommendations for necessary remediation works.

    Our experienced team includes trained Grease Hygiene Technicians (GHT) and Grease Hygiene Operatives (GHO) and we can always schedule a GHT to lead a kitchen grease extract clean.

  • In any environment where dangerous dust and fumes are generated there needs to be a process in place to protect workers from these harmful substances, as defined by HSE COSHH regulations. Often the best way to contain and control such substances is via a local exhaust ventilation system.

    To keep LEV systems working efficiently and prevent operative exposure to hazardous fumes and dust, LEVs need to be regularly examined and tested by a competent person, at least every 14 months, as defined in HSE document HSG 258. At Airmec we regularly inspect and test LEVs in various locations and can advise on and undertake remedial works required.

  • Where there is a risk to health from inhalation of a hazardous substance, or possible damage to hearing through excessive noise, our occupational hygiene services can assist you to protect staff wellbeing and comply with regulations.

    We can undertake a variety of monitoring services to measure exposure levels to dust, fumes, and noise. Once we understand the levels of occupational exposure, we will recommend appropriate control measures to protect staff from the associated risks.

  • Poor air quality within the indoor environment can result in occupants experiencing several health problems including fatigue, skin irritation and breathing difficulties. Common causes of such issues are poor ventilation and the presence of air pollutants.

    Our surveyors can test and monitor the quality of the air within a building by undertaking an Indoor Air Quality survey. The survey will assess temperature and humidity levels, and check that carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide levels remain in line with current guidance. We can also assess dust, fungal, bacteriological contamination and other specific pollutants as required.

    We will review any results obtained against HSE guidelines and, where necessary, make recommendations to improve conditions.

  • Airmec has an experienced mechanical and electrical team capable of undertaking a broad range of ventilation system remedial works, including:

    • Fire damper replacement
    • Ventilation ductwork modification and replacement
    • Fire stopping and fire barrier replacement
    • AHU remedial works and upgrades
    • Fan motor and fan replacement
    • AHU controls and electrical upgrades
Risk areas

Regulatory framework

Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974

COSSH: Control of substances hazardous to health regulations

ACOP L24: Workplace health, safety and welfare

HSG 258: Controlling airborne contaminants at work

CIBSE Guide B2: Ventilation and ductwork

BESA TR19® Air: Specification for internal cleanliness and hygiene management of ventilation systems.

BESA TR19® Grease: Specification for fire Risk management of grease accumulation within kitchen extraction systems

BESA DW 145: Guide to good practice for the installation of fire and smoke dampers

BESA DW 144 Specification for sheet metal ductwork

BS 15780-2011: Ventilation for buildings – ductwork – cleanliness of ventilation systems

HTM 03-01: Specialised ventilation for healthcare premises

Your responsibilities

Your responsibilities

To inspect and maintain your ventilation systems

Assess the risks relating to fire and air quality

Implement an appropriate maintenance programme

Assess the quality of your indoor air

Regular examination and testing of LEV systems

Where we can help

Who we can help

Facilities management companies

High Security facilities

Healthcare facilities

Education facilities

Food production facilities

Life sciences companies

Rely on us to ensure your ventilation systems remain safe and compliant

Airmec Essential Services : Ventilation hygiene and air quality


Keep your building occupants safe and comply with ever-changing health and safety regulations.

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