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Airmec Essential Services : Healthcare

Maintaining and operating a healthcare estate requires a high level of organisation to meet regulatory compliance needs.

With some 20 years’ experience of supporting healthcare estates and their estates staff Airmec are the ideal essential services company to partner with.

We understand the strain on healthcare budgets and the need to keep both patients and staff safe while complying with HSE regulations and the latest Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) guidance.

You can be assured of HTM-03 and HTM-04 compliance and more. We understand the regulatory framework.

We work with facilities ranging from hospitals and healthcare trusts, community, and mental health centres through to doctors’ surgeries and care home providers. Our teams help them manage risk and compliance for their ventilation and water systems.

All our site staff undergo Enhanced DBS checks and our wealth of experience working in secure and sensitive UK Government facilities means that we are very familiar with working on sites requiring sensitivity and confidentiality.

Follow the links below for more detail on the services we offer to support heathcare providers.

See our recent warning on lack of fire damper access in Health Estates Journal.

Child safe in hospital with air and water hygiene compliance

  • The quality of air delivered via a healthcare facility ventilation system is critical to the health and well-being of staff and patients, with specific guidance outlined within HTM 03-01 Specialised ventilation for healthcare premises. Airmec’s essential ventilation hygiene maintenance services will help and support you to comply with HTM 03-01 guidance.

    We can offer health estates professionals the following services:

    • Ventilation system inspection and verification
    • Fire damper inspection and testing
    • Fire damper replacement and remedial works
    • AHU maintenance
    • Duct Cleaning
    • Kitchen extract monitoring and cleaning
    • Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) examination and testing

    Where indoor air needs to be assessed for comfort or health and safety reasons one of our surveyors can conduct an Indoor Air Quality survey. We can also outline how to protect staff well-being from exposure to dust, fumes, or noise by undertaking an Occupational Hygiene Assessment.

    Find out more about our ventilation services.

  • We provide comprehensive water safety, hygiene, and treatment services to support your estate’s team reduce the risk of waterborne disease transmission. Working with a facility’s Water Safety Group we provide both planned and reactive services.

    Our rigorous approach to water safety risk assessments, sampling and hygiene services is designed to ensure your healthcare estate complies with the requirements of HTM04-01. Services we can offer include:

    • Legionella and water safety risk assessments
    • Water hygiene monitoring services
    • Water sampling and analysis
    • System cleans and disinfections
    • Water treatment services

    If, following a water hygiene risk assessment, remedial action is necessary, our plumbing team can undertake this including the removal of dead legs and blind ends or the refurbishment and relining of cold-water storage tanks.

    Find out more about our water hygiene services.

  • We aim to provide a complete fire damper safety service. We inspect, clean, test and, unusually, have a dedicated team to undertake essential and emergency remedial work on fire dampers as a turnkey service.

    Our services include:

    • Surveys and updating asset registers
    • Inspection and testing
    • Advising on improving access for cleaning and inspection
    • Detailed reporting
    • Emergency remedial work

    Our dedicated remedial team can also make recommendations on ways to modify ductwork and on the installation of access doors so that any fire dampers that have not previously been tested can be reached and future inspections can be conducted more efficiently and cost-effectively.

    Airmec will align its recommendations and reports with with your SFG20 schedules.

    Find out more about our fire damper services.

Risk areas

Regulatory framework

Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974

ACOP L24 – Workplace health, safety and welfare

HTM 03-01 – Specialised ventilation for healthcare premises

HTM 04-01 – Safe water in healthcare premises

HTM 05-01 – Managing Healthcare Fire Safety

ACOP L8 – Legionnaires’ disease. The control of legionella bacteria in water systems

HSG 274 – Part 2 & 3 – The control of legionella bacteria

BS 8580 – Water quality – Risk assessments for Legionella control – Code of practice

BS 7592 – Sampling for Legionella bacteria in water systems – Code of practice

CIBSE Guide B2 – Ventilation and Ductwork

BESA V TR19® Guide to Good Practice – Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems

BESA TR19® Grease – Specification for Fire Risk Management of Grease Accumulation within Kitchen Extraction Systems

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) (2005)

BS 9999 – Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings

BESA VH001 – Fire damper maintenance

BESA DW 145_ Guide to Good Practice for the Installation of Fire and Smoke Dampers

BS 15780-2011 – Ventilation for buildings – ductwork – cleanliness of ventilation systems

Your responsibilities

Your responsibilities

Legionella and water safety risk assessment

Water hygiene monitoring control scheme

Remediation work identified from risk assessments

Conduct annual fire damper inspection and testing

Maintaining fire damper records and asset register

To inspect and maintain your ventilation systems

Assess the quality of your indoor air

Regular examination and testing of LEV systems

Where we can help

Who we can help

Healthcare estates facility managers

Hard FM compliance managers

Authorising engineers

Water Safety Group (WSG)

Care homeowners

Practice managers

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